Katy Bourne becomes the first local police and crime commissioner in Sussex

Sussex’s vote for the first local police and crime commissioner has been a success and Katy Bourne ended up as the winner with most votes. The newly chosen commissioner stated that she’ll do everything in her power to help Crowborough and tackle the area’s major problems.

The voting statistics show that just 15% of the people in the region voted on Thursday. The most active voting area was Wealden, but a good amount of people voted in Hastings, Worthing and Brighton as well.

The newly elected police and crime commissioner said: “The vote results show that the people living in towns like Crowborough have decided to change their faith and improve the security of their areas. In the past, these places were overlooked by the police who prioritized bigger cities.”

Mrs Bourne of the Conservative party collected nearly 60,000 votes in the area and won categorically. The winner was most popular in northern Sussex while her biggest rival, Godfrey Daniel, was mostly supported by the people living near the coast.

Mrs Bourne has grown up in East Grinstead, an area similar to Sussex, so she believes that she has the experience and knowledge required to improve the area. Bourne stated: “I spoke with citizens of Crowborough and I’m fully aware that one of the major problems in this area is antisocial behaviour. I guarantee that I’ll do my best to resolve this issue and improve the lifestyle of our citizens.”

She added: “Usually the reason for antisocial behaviour is drug or alcohol abuse. This especially applies for smaller towns, where the police force isn’t enough to monitor all areas and take the necessary measures to prevent selling alcohol to minors. With my help, the efforts of the local police and the aid of locals, I guarantee that the citizens of Crowborough will soon see the improvement. ”