Lights start to come back on in Sussex

Almost a week after the lights went out, electricity was finally restored to the residents of Sussex. Power bosses admitted that they should have done much better about the situation. As Basil Scarsella admitted that the firm was not prepared for the storm, the UK Power Networks indicated that the remaining homes would have electricity before the end of the day.

This admission comes as winds and heavy rains are expected to hit the place on New Year’s Eve with the meteorological department issuing two more weather warnings. The residents of Bolnore Village near Haywards Heath were relieved after electricity in there are failed three times in the last week.

The most recent power outage was this morning when a tree leaned on overhead lines. There has been good community spirit with residents from the top part of the village assisting those in the bottom end by even offering them their ovens. Most residents were annoyed with part of the village having over ground power cables that are susceptible to flooding while the other side of town having underground cables. Some villages have been rallying behind the idea of having underground supply although there has been an issue with digging under the train track.

A UK Power Networks spokesman indicated that he understood how frustrating it was for consumers in Bolnore village whose power was restored earlier in the week only for it to be interrupted again due to a second unrelated problem. Statistics indicate that up to 704 people have been affect by the power cut that has been through the week. He went on to add that the situation was made worse since most of the employees were away on holidays meaning that they were not at full capacity and this caused a lot of problems in ensuring that people’s power was restored.