Local authorities given more power over expansion without damaging the environment

A new sustainable development plan has been put forward which is going to mean that local authorities will be able to make additional plans for jobs, transport links and homes in their areas. It is also going to make sure that they can expand these areas without causing any damage to the countryside or its wildlife. The plan has been put forward by the National Planning Policy Framework as it was announced a few days ago and has been welcomed by conservation experts.

A programme manager for conservation at the RSPB is Steve Gilbert who has commented, “We were initially concerned that the framework was not going to be an adequate measure, but now we have seen the final result we are very pleased to see that ministers have taken into consideration all of the concerns that we aired with them.

“This new planning system removes a lot of the bureaucracy that made it previously cumbersome and it has come without any expense to the environment. It is good to see the ministers understand the importance of balancing the economic demands, with the needs of our natural environment. This new planning system should ensure that needs are met on both sides adequately.

“Sussex has some of the most beautiful countryside in the country and we are very pleased to see that protected habitats are going to be maintained. This new system should help to reduce the loss of biodiversity that has been being experienced.

“By developing everything sustainably we are protecting our country for future generations and this is particularly important in an area of the country that is so densely populated. The protection of natural resources and the environment should be a very important part of any policy.”