Local paper reveals the state of the roads in East Sussex

The Argus newspaper has revealed that there are still 12,600 holes in the roads of East Sussex that have not been properly repaired by utility companies after they have carried out work. East Sussex County Council have also said that 70% of repairs to the roads carried out annually by the utility companies who have dug them up are below standard.

The council’s head of highways, Roger Williams, has said that utility companies are digging approximately 18,000 holes in the roads of East Sussex every year which both weakens them and reduces their life span. He went onto say that an average of 70% of these repairs are falling way below the council’s standard. Mr Williams added that although they understood that the companies need to carry out essential work substandard repairs are not acceptable and the taxpayers are picking up the bill.

East Sussex Highways currently checks around 2400 road repairs every year and the council’s scrutiny committee is to recommend to the cabinet that more checks be carried out, as well as some other things. Simon Robertson is South East Water’s head of distribution, and he has said that apart from their own supervisors checking the repairs, the New Roads and Street Works Act carries out detailed inspections and if faults are found, the company abides by the legislation and rectifies any defects.

He added that South East Water, along with East Sussex County Council and other utility companies, attended a scrutiny committee to make sure that they were working hand in hand with the highways authority to try and minimise the inconvenience which their necessary works would have on those who use the roads.