MEP gives thumbs up to free range egg farm in Ditchling

Keith Taylor, the Green MP, took some time out to visit a Ditchling organic free range egg farm and afterwards called for the end of UK usage of battery cages.

The Sussex and South East MEP went to the Fourfields Farm to meet with Susie MacMillan on her family farm and to see firsthand how she is able to supply over 70,000 organic eggs per day to shops and supermarkets. He ended up commending the family on their top notch animal welfare standards and then urged that a ban be placed on the use of battery cage hens.

The MEP explained that although it began illegal to use barren battery cages anywhere in the EU as of January 1st of the year, many people are not aware that there is another type of battery cage that is still allowed for use. Taylor explained that these cages still do not allow hens to follow their natural behaviours and that they should be outlawed since there other ways to keep animals that are much healthier.

Taylor also stated that many farms throughout the EU have not yet done anything to change the welfare conditions on their farms even though there are new animal welfare laws and he is asking the European Commission to place fines on eggs that come from EU farms that are not in compliance.

He stated that new research from the RSPCA discovered that 91% of people that live in South East England are not aware of the EU hen welfare law, and as a result believe that all hens are now free range or that all battery cages are banned, which is not the case.