Michelin Introduce Total Performance Tyres

Millions of cars take to the roads each day in varying conditions and circumstances, so Michelin has taken it upon them to offer the best driving experience available through the introduction of their Total Performance tyres. Michelin believe that they offer a better match for various challenges on the road which will improve the driving experience for all, no matter the situation.

They are continuing to develop their work and carry out an annual total of 75,000 tests with consumers, gathering information about real drivers as well as real driving conditions so that they can make informed analysis of real-life situations and improve their products accordingly. To extend their knowledge in this field, Michelin have launched many an initiative – the newest of which is a live driving lab which involves fitting monitoring equipment in 3,000 cars across Europe with the hope of gaining yet more information about driving on the road.

All this collective information and energy has recently been accumulated in a new digital hub known as the Road Usage Lab which gathers and stores knowledge from all the research and initiatives launched during the history of Michelin. Overall, all this knowledge and technology has strengthened Michelin and the work which they do by improving efficiency, safety and performance on the roads.