Mid-Sussex residents urged to respond to electoral canvass

Local residents have recently been urged by the Mid-Sussex District Council to respond to the electoral canvass for 2012 if they have not already done so. A great deal of people in the local area remain unaware that the registration process has been brought forward this year in order to make sure that it is completed before the crime commission elections which are taking place in mid-November. Voter registration closes in early October this year and those who do not register will not have the opportunity to vote.

Registration forms have been issued to all homes in the area, and nearly 80 percent of households have responded. Door-to-door enquiries as well as final reminders are going to be made during the start of September in order to encourage people to respond quickly and promptly to the registration request.

Many people are under the misconception that paying council tax and being registered for various council services automatically entitles them to the ability to vote, this is not the case and voter registration is something that must take place separately.

Registering is very easy and convenient and it is possible to do it online, over the phone, by post, or even by text message. Every year these more modern methods of registration become more popular and it is estimated that over 30 percent of households replied by text message, Internet, or over the telephone this year.

The Electoral Registration Officer is Tom Clark and he has recently commented, “Right now people are very busy with school holidays as well as the Olympic celebrations, which makes it easy to put registration to the back of their mind. However, we remind residents that it is very important that they register soon if they want the ability to vote on these important local matters later in the year.”