Ministry of Defence sign contract for flight simulator worth £50m

A defence contract has been signed this week which has meant that the manufacturing industry, as well as the RAF, are going to see a boost of £50 million. This contract was signed at Farnborough Air Show and it has meant that the Ministry of Defence are going to be buying a full flight simulator for the A400M from Airbus.

Once the simulator is delivered it is going to be based at an RAF location in Oxfordshire. The simulators are constructive by Thales Training, which is located in Crawley. It is thought that this contract is going to mean that 50 extra people are going to find employment in the area.

The simulator is required by the Ministry of Defence as they have recently signed a contract which will result in the delivery of 22 of the new aircraft in order to replace their fleet of Hercules aircraft. It is expected that these new aircraft are going to be delivered in two years, so the MoD are going to be looking to train pilots up in the simulator before the new aircrafts arrive.

Vince Cable, the business Sec, has stated, “One of the greatest national success stories that we have is the aerospace industry. We are very pleased to see that this contract has gone ahead as it really does encourage the country to develop the best and brightest for the industry.”

David Cameron has also recently announced good news for the aerospace sector in the UK as he has said that the government are going to be providing around £3 million of funding for degrees in aerospace engineering. This money is going to be provided to students over the next three years