Motoring fines rise in Sussex

Drivers in Sussex are going to be facing higher motoring fines after announcements by Ken Clarke, the Justice Secretary, that around £20 is going to be added to all motoring fines. This addition to the fines is being called a ‘victim surcharge’ and is also going to apply to other on the spot fines.

The latest figures from Sussex show that in 2010 over 20,000 drivers were caught by speed traps. Many of these drivers then went on to pay £60 fines with others taking part in speed awareness courses which also bring in revenue for the government. The changes to the fining system will mean that the fine will now be between £80 and £100. It is expected that in Sussex alone this is going to bring in an extra £200,000 every year from speeding offences.

While the amount of revenue being brought in by fines is going to increase, the amount of money being paid out to victims who have only suffered from minor injuries is going to be reduced. Mr Clarke commented, “The current system for victims is unsustainable and we want to make sure the victims who’ve been the most seriously injured get the most help.”

In the last two years around 17,000 claims have been made for injuries with a value of around £25 million. Under the new scheme these people are not be entitled to any money and a further 13,000 claims will see their amount of compensation significantly reduced. Those with a criminal record will also be unable to claim money for their injuries.