Music festival tickets sold despite no official permission being given

Thousands of tickets have been sold for the Mumford Sussex festival, yet no formal permission was obtained. This is scaring a few folks, but a council boss just reassured the organisers and said that the show will go on. The Mumford and Sons concert is scheduled to happen this summer yet no formal permission has yet been obtained. This brought some concerns from local councillors along with music fans who paid for tickets.

But now a spokesperson for the Lewes District Council said that the licensing application would be going through sometimes next week, laying some of the fears to rest. Still, there are issues that need to be looked at. For example, if any concerns are raised about safety, then councillors have the power to deny this permit.

The festival intends to be a Grammy style award show to UK performance artists and should attract over 25,000 people to Lewes, at the Convent Field on Mountfield Road. The permit has to be delivered not only for the festival itself, but also for the band in order to play, and for the local stools to sell alcohol. Once the application is being reviewed, the fire and police services will also be able to make comments.

For now however, Jenny Rowlands, the council’s executive, said it was not yet a done deal, and those tickets were still a risky proposition. The council was apparently astonished that the event organisers went ahead and started selling tickets so early.

If safety concerns are brought up, the event may have to be relocated. There is no saying whether the event would be cancelled or postponed if this happens. So far, it appears that ticket holders will have to wait and see, although they have been told they would be reimbursed if permission was not granted.