Nations eyes on Sussex camp evictions

A lengthy court battle has recently concluded and has determined that over four hundred travellers will be evicted from a camp they have set up on green belt land. The camp is not allowed and the police and local council in Sussex are working out what this will mean for the local area.

The council has given the travellers two weeks to leave and it is expected that many forced evictions will be taking place. The issue is going to be what will happen to all these displaced people and where they are going to end up in the area, it is predicted that this will have a significant effect on the local police force.

The camp was set up on an old scrap yard and the row over whether the dwellings are allowed is many years old. Some of the camp is legal, but more than half the buildings on the site do not have permission to be there. People living at the site are saying they will not leave, saying “We will resist in a non-violent manner.” Despite this, the local police are preparing for major problems when trying to remove the travellers from the site.