The Rocking Horse

New Cocktail Bar Chichester

Creating delicious cocktails comes easily to Alex Beaulieu. Well, they would do. For Alex is a hugely experienced cocktail mixer who has honed his skills over the years in countries all over the globe.

But the lure of the stunning West Sussex city of Chichester finds Alex in his very own bar, the hugely popular Rocking Horse, in Southgate. And it is here that he imparts his amazing techniques, engaging experiences and words of wisdom to clientele and employees alike.

Alex is known for his ability to mix cocktails and thirsty punters rock up to his popular venue on a nightly basis (and often, during the day, too). And he even runs his own classes showing those keen to learn exactly how he does it. Some pupils get it…others struggle.

He explains: “Chichester is a wonderful place to live and in which to be in business. It has a very good vibe and the Rocking Horse very much contributes to that. Some of the particular favourites that are mixed the most include the Porn Star Martini and Royal Rosebud, along with other drinks such as Alice In Wonderland, Cuban Portrait and Breaking Bad.”

Alex owns the bar with his twin brother Igor — and his sibling runs a venue of the same name in nearby Worthing. He has plans to broaden his horizons when it comes to the business landscape, and hasn’t ruled out opening other Rocking Horses at towns throughout the south and beyond.

The reason for his mindset is the huge success of his city centre venture in Chichester. He adds: “We’re all about giving the people what they want. They can, of course, plot up at a bar and drink warm beer that is flat but will give them a bit of a headache. Or they can come to a bar with a great atmosphere and drink carefully mixed cocktails that are going down a storm.

“Plenty of folk are choosing the latter; people just love popping in and enjoying a cocktail. It is really encouraging that we have created this buzz about the place and, as mentioned, we have a lot of interest from people in our cocktail master classes.

“As word of mouth spreads, we are getting busier and busier and the weekends have been really busy of late. It’s great and the feedback we get is all positive so we are very happy.”