New initiative aims to reduce metal thefts across Sussex and the south east

Across Sussex and the south east of England, new measures are being introduced in order to tackle the problem of metal being stolen. The initiative is being called Operation Tornado and it is going to make it easier for the police to trace people who are attempting to sell stolen metal.

The new scheme is going to mean that anyone who wants to sell metal for scrap is going to have to prove their identity. This identity check is going to be strict and is also going to mean that proof of a current addresses going to be required and so is a photograph. The buyers of the scrap metal are going to have to strictly enforce this measure and are going to be required to keep records of all metal purchased for the previous year and make it readily available for inspection by the police.

The scheme was first piloted by British Transport Police earlier in the year and it saw the amount of metal theft significantly decline. Because of the success of the scheme it is being rolled out on a larger scale and in Sussex scrap metal dealers are being visited in order to get them signed up onto the programme.

The head of the British Metals Recycling Association is Ian Hetherington and he has stated, “We are encouraging all of our members to support this new measure. They are a sensible way for the government to reduce the amount of metal theft that is taking place.”

The theft of metal is something that causes a great deal of problems for many people and it is often the case that people are significantly delayed on journeys because metal has been stolen. In recent years however, metal theft has moved away from just vehicles, and now thieves are targeting a great deal more metal objects.