New river trust created in Sussex

The Sussex Ouse Conservation Society and the River Adur Conservation Society have partnered up to create the new Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust (OART) with the goal of enhancing and improving the environmental protection of the two rivers. The rivers have already been designated as a DEFRA catchment and this will be one of the ten catchments that are being developed with the goal of helping to restore the rivers in the UK.

Volunteers of OART welcome the challenge of being one of the test catchments and are working hard to improve the rivers with both minor and major projects in the works made possible by significant Government funds.

Primarily, the Ouse is known due to the fact that it is a favored breeding ground for sea trout and in an effort to encourage the trout to continue to breed along the river tons of gravel has been dropped into spawning sites. Over the next few years OART will also be working to reduce the amount of redundant weirs along the river so as to improve the habitat quality of the river.

The first Sunday of every month volunteer members of OART collect water samples from different locations along the river and take them to be tested at the OART testing facilities. The results of these tests are made available online and sent to the Environment Agency and Southern River.

Right now Charity Trustee is looking for more volunteers to joint OART so that they can extend the testing measures to the River Adur as well. Anyone that is interested can email for more information.