Nicholas Soames says he supports overhaul in the immigration laws

The member of Parliament for mid Sussex is Nicholas Soames, and he has recently said that he supports the major overhaul that is taking place in regard to immigration which is going to prevent criminals coming into the country from abroad, and then using human rights protection in order to prevent their deportation.

The new legislation is going to mean that only people who can afford to pay their own way in the country are going to be allowed to stay. Mr Soames recently stated, “It is nothing short of a scandal that criminals from abroad can come to the UK in order to avoid prosecution and then stay here and shelter themselves under human rights laws.

“It is my opinion that if someone is sentenced to jail time that is over a year they should be deported. This is in the interest of the public and it is the public that I will put first. It is for this reason that I welcome these new measures that the government have chosen to implement.”

Next month, the new legislation is going to come into effect which will mean that people have to earn over £18,500 before they are allowed to bring in a partner or spouse from outside the European Union.

For those who want to bring in children they are also going to have to show they can afford it with the earning barrier set at over £22,000 for one child. For each additional child that they want to bring into the country they will need to show extra earnings of around £2500 a year.