No new runway for Gatwick

The heads of Gatwick airport have announced that another runway will not be built until after 2030. This is meant that the airport is going to have to manage increasing passengers with what it currently has.

Currently Gatwick airport, which is the second largest in the UK, managers with a single runway. The heads of the airport have said if passenger numbers reach up to 50 million then they will have to reconsider these plans. It is expected that this number of passengers will not pass through the airport until 2030, hence the lack of expansion.

A conservation group working in the area, said that the second runway would never have been built in the near future. They also commented though that if it were to become a serious consideration they would be adamantly opposed to it.

Gatwick airport is owned by the American company Global Infrastructure Partners. The plans that they have recently released cover the airports and it is development plans up until 2020. Estimates by the company say that the airport adds around £2 billion to the economy of south-east England and London.

The Chief Executive of the airport is Stuart Wingate and he has commented, “We are looking at continuing to improve the service that we offer to our passengers. We are going to continue our investment in our employees, the community around the airport, and the airport itself.” A representative from the Gatwick Airport Conservation Campaign has said, “The airport expected to reach much greater passenger numbers by now and it hasn’t, this just goes to show that Gatwick is unable to plan its future effectively.”