Pensioner arrested with millions in stolen antiques in Sussex

A 68 year old man from Tankersley has been arrested for having been found with millions of pounds of stolen antiques that he had stashed away in a storage unit in Sussex. Another 44 year old man has also been arrested. The arrests have followed a year long investigation into the thefts of several antiques from stately homes in the county. The value of the antiques is estimated to be over £5 million.

Several of the antiques that were stolen were not just financially valuable but also had historical and cultural importance. One of the most important recoveries was a rosewood Chippendale table that was stolen in 2009. There were also two vases recovered which alone had an insurance value of nearly £1 million. A bracelet clock made by Daniel Delander around 1700 was also retrieved after being stolen in 2009.

Detective Superintendent Steve Waite has commented, “This is a fantastic result and worth all the efforts that the officers have put into finding and recovering these items. The officers are pleased with the results and the homes the items were stolen from will be pleased to have them back. It is also a matter of pride for us that we have got back items that are so important to the heritage of the UK.

“Most of the antiques are still in good condition and have only received some minor damage. The fact that they have shows that the thieves were stealing them for their value, not because they liked antiques. We are even seeing such high value items being used as a form of currency by criminal gangs.” 30 officers worked on the case over one year.