Performance has improved at Sussex hospitals

An independent report that looked at the standards of the Surrey and Sussex NHS Healthcare Trust, responsible for the running of the East Surrey Hospital, has said that over the past year their performance has improved. Dr Foster’s Hospital Guide 2011 has stated that the hospital met their targets and also demonstrated improvements in almost every other area that they were assessed in.

In last years report, the higher than average mortality rates in 3 conditions, strokes, pneumonia and hip fractures, were highlighted, and this has now been remedied. A spokesman has said that the trust undertook extensive work in all areas to both understand the issues and then improve their performances.

He added that the trust had also performed better than the national average for the length of stay in hospital of stroke sufferers, and also in the low number of women who suffered obstetric traumas during childbirth. Michael Wilson is the CE of the trust, and he says that they have found a successful balance between service improvements, quality patient care and financial stability during the past year, and have also made sustained progress.

In the list of 19 hospital trusts in the UK that were deemed to have a high mortality rate, East Surrey Hospital was a notable absentee, they weren’t, however, in the list of those with low rates either. The report highlights the fact that their mortality rates are higher at weekends than through the weekend, a statistic they share with most other hospitals across the country.

Mr Wilson also said that they were making every effort to continue to keep improving both clinical outcomes and patient experiences. He added that their aim was to perform consistently at their best; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.