Pilot scheme from Crowborough Sussex Housing and Care with Driving Miss Daisy

Cherry Simmonds, Sussex Regional Developer & Steve White, CEO of Sussex Housing and Care discuss pilot for Crowborough

Cherry, Sussex Regional Developer, Greg Blezard, COO for Driving Miss Daisy met with Steve White, CEO of Sussex Housing and Care to explore how Driving Miss Daisy’s new companion driving service will benefit local residents in Crowborough. In particular, they are looking at the synergies that exist between the services and looking at ways of working together to provide a complementary wrap-around service.

Driving Miss Daisy UK is a unique service enabling people to get out and about within their local communities where perhaps previously they were housebound or where there were no facilities in their area.  Originally from New Zealand, the companion driving service helps people who are no longer able to drive, who may have mobility difficulties and vulnerable individuals including children, to get about in their communities to do all the things they enjoy. Driving Miss Daisy gives people renewed freedom and independence with a little extra support to live life to the full.

Talks between Driving Miss Daisy Sussex and Sussex Housing and Care are taking place about a pilot scheme to operate in the Crowborough area to offer that unique, friendly and caring service which might be a simple trip to the hairdressers, attend medical appointments, going for lunch with friends or a range of other social engagements.  Driving Miss Daisy drivers are caring individuals who are well trained and are licensed to carry passengers.  Daisy vehicles are designed for comfort and ease and safety, and will accommodate a portable mobility scooter or walker.  Driving Miss Daisy will not only take residents to appointments, they also help carry shopping, walk around garden centres; stroll along the promenade or enjoy a coffee.  Driving Miss Daisy can help plan longer trips to the theatre, bingo, musicals, shows, or even short breaks, and fees are reasonable; often no more expensive than local taxi fares (sometimes less).

Cherry is seeking interest from potential franchisees to help deliver the service in the Crowborough region and therefore provide Sussex Housing and Care residents with that extra bit of independence which complements their lifestyle.

For more information, visit website www.drivingmissdaisyuk.co.uk