Police sergeant jailed after trying to sell a story to the press

A Sussex Police sergeant has been placed in jail for ten months after it was found that he was attempting to sell a story to News of the World about Katie Price’s daughter. James Bowes was found guilty of contacting the tabloid and telling a journalist that child protection officers had visited the home of Price’s ex-husband Peter Andre.

The Old Bailey heard that this was following a report that their daughter Princess Tiaamii had been hurt in 2010. The team did not find any injures and the entire matter was dropped. However, Bowes emailed the newspaper stating that if they offered him money he would give them more information. Eventually the story was printed using information from an alternate source and Bowes never received payment.

However, he was still found guilty in April of misconduct while holding a public office. The court was told that he passed along information to The Sun and was paid £500 for doing so. In addition, he also passed along information that stated a psychic contacted police about the search for two victims left behind by Peter Tobin but did not receive payment for the information.

The charges were placed against Bowes by the Metropolitan Police corruption operation. Justice Fulford presiding over the case stated to Bowes that he told the press confidential information about children twice and it was foolish on his behalf to try to be associated with these high profile cases by talking to the news media. It was fount that he undermined his relationship with the police and took advantage of his position misusing the trust that was instilled in him.