Preview show Glowing Lines Korean Jewellery Designer, Yemyungji

‘Glowing Lines’ – Preview Show of YE.MYUNG.JI Korean Jewellery Designer
Unit 73, Burlington Arcade, London, W1J 0QR
10.00am-08.00pm 1 and 2 May, 2014
5.00pm-8.00pm 1 May, 2014 (The evening view invitation only)

Myungji Ye will be featured as part of a very unique exhibition that will highlight her artistic jewellery on May 1st and 2nd at 73 Burglington Arcade in London. The Korean jewellery designer is well known for her stunning work and the exhibit titled ‘Glowing Lines’ will give guests a chance to see more than sixty of her pieces including her well known Blooming Series.

Ye first launched her brand back in 1998 combining her first and last name to create YEMYUNGJI. Her first exhibition was titled Cyber Jewellery since digital technology has helped her create the sophisticated pieces that she ends up creating.

Especially, her use of lines by 3D knitting methods, woven lines to create voluminous shapes and dynamic repeating lines to create energetic forms, has given her entire collections uniqueness.

Right after its launch, it has led her to a variety of collaborations and invitations to accredited shows. As the first Korean jewellery designer to be invited, she participated in 2001 VICENZAORO 2 jewellery show and 2001 MISS UNIVERSE in Italy. She even impressed the crown princess of Japan at a jewellery show for the Japanese Imperial Household in 2002. In an exemplary collaboration, she was commissioned to design VVIP credit cards for a Korean company along with Alexandro Mendini, one of Alessi designers, and Karim Rashid, a world-renowned industrial designer. Moreover, she was commissioned to design a necklace for the launch of ‘Glamorous’, a perfume by Ralph Lauren Korea.

When she grew up, she became familiar with and interested in jewellery influenced by her mother who is a huge contributor in Korean traditional jewellery research and by her father who was a mine operator. Her design pursues the co-existence of nature and culture as well as the harmony of past and future by a reinterpretation of traditional Korean elements in a contemporary way. Over the last few years, she has been focusing on a rendition of Korean traditional accessories such as hairpieces for queens’ formal outfits by use of her own 3D knitting method.

“I think the biggest value of jewellery is to deliver happiness to people. Everyone has his or her own problems and hardships in life. I wish to, at least, lighten them through my design by establishing the culture where people enjoy jewellery itself, as art.”

Jewellery Brand ‘YEMYUNGJI’ was established in 1998 in Seoul, Korea.
This exhibition is organized and circulated by No Artificial Flavour Ltd. based in the UK.