Protesters continue to cause disruption in Sussex University

The Sussex University has a problem these days with many protesters lining up in front of the stairs, raising awareness about the outsourcing practice of the institution. Now, over a hundred more students joined the protests, including support from Peter Capaldi, Tariq Ali and Noam Chomsky. These celebrities are supporting the students in very real ways by being on the ground and helping the protests.

The protests started when over a hundred students rushed into a university conference room and started the four day long occupation. Now, many more are sitting at the top floor of the Bramber House in support, and they are all refusing to leave until the university halts the bidding process it had started in order to sell off services like catering to private companies. This signals a change in how this university and other education facilities elsewhere are handling costly operations.

The media has been captivated by the protests and many celebrities are now behind the students, including Peter Capaldi, a well known actor on the BBC sitcom The Thick of It. So far, only the university’s vice-chancellor responded to the demands, saying that the students would have to leave the building before any meeting could take place with the registrar.

His response was obviously not well received by the protesters, and some of them said that they would likely not have a meeting if they had to leave their positions. When asked why the university wasn’t willing to talk with protesters at this time, Registrar John Duffy said that the university didn’t have time to review all of the requests yet, but they did find the time to hire additional security guards over the weekend.