Public invited to fracking debate in Sussex

The public are invited to participate in a debate tonight with Keith Taylor Green MEP and other people on the potential risks the environment faces due to fracking. The debate will be held at Warnham Village Hall.

The meeting begins at 7:30pm and Horsham Green Party, Crawley and Mid Sussex have participated in the promotion of the event. All residents and candidates in participating in the by-election that will be taking place in Warhham and Rusper West Sussex County Council are invited.

Campaigns have been organised around the Balcombe, Mid Sussex, to protest against the hydraulic fracturing taking place there. Fracturing is the process by which one splits apart the underground shale rock using water—chemical combination to check whether gas and oil is present.

Meanwhile, Celtique Energie is seeking permission for planning for exploratory drilling. They expect to find conventional deposits on a site located near Wisborough Green and Kidford. The company is seeking for shale deposits, according to a spokesperson.

In the meantime, villagers from Wisborough Green and Kidford will gather at the drilling site at 11:45am on October 20 on a Sunday. The campaigners will take part in Walk the Route near Kidford Road. Campaigners plan to raise awareness and substantiate beliefs that the site chosen by Celtique Energie is not suitable for what the company plans to implement.

The spokesperson for the protesting group went on to say that if the company got the permission they sought, the operation would change the life of the communities beyond anything they normally see. They said they wanted to protect the centuries –old rural activities that went on in the village. They also wanted to stop the heavy traffic that will be created through the village as a result of the exploration.

Both groups have decided to meet outside their own churches. The organisers have requested people to bring their friends and family and even their dogs for the walk. They will walk past the Northup Copse woodland and the ancient Boxall Bridge.