Quarry appeals recycling facility planning failure

A planning appeal has recently been put into create a new recycling facility at Boxgrove Quarry. The company behind this new facility is Inert Recycling, and they initially applied for planning permission for the facility last autumn, but had it declined. This is part of an appeal to have the recycling facility approved, and the hearing is being heard by a local planning inspector, Mike Robins.

Originally the planning committee decided against the facility because they thought that it would have a large impact on the environment, and the surrounding landscape. They also decided that there wasn’t really a need for the facility, and that it had a greater cost than its limited benefits.

The parish council also said that they objected to the construction of the facility, and produced a long statement of various objections to the appeals people to consider. One of the main problems that they have suggested is that one of the roads that leads up to the proposed recycling plant is not designed for lorries, and this would cause damage to the road, as well as problems for the local people.

Chris Boyle, from the recycling company recently commented, “What this all comes down to is whether the need for this facility, outweighs the drawbacks it is going to cause on the local area. We think that it absolutely will be of more benefit than harm, and we would like to see our appeal granted.”

Many factors are going to be considered by the appeals committee, including those put forward by the local parish council. Furthermore, Mr Robins is going to be making a visit to the site, to assess the situation personally.