Rampion Offshore Wind Farm being constructed by E.On

The construction of wind farm is being planned off the east coast of Sussex. The farm is to be constructed by the energy company E.On and will be called the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm. It will be made around 10 miles out to sea and residents in the area are being urged to find out more about the construction. E.On has said that the farm will have the ability to provide nearly half a million homes with electricity.

The project developer of the company is Chris Tomlinson and he has said, “We are going to be consulting with members of the community and will be holding various events where the public will be informed about the planned farm.”

In preparation for constructing the farm, E.On has asked for permission to build a meteorological mast at the site of the planned farm to gather information about the environment from the area – such as wind speeds.

Tomlinson added, “We are still conducting studies to make sure that the location is suitable but all indication so far suggest that it will be an excellent location for a wind farm. The information we gather on wind speed will hopefully soon confirm our predictions.”