Rare European bat discovered in West Sussex

A bat that is only normally found in continental Europe has been discovered in the United Kingdom for the first time. This announcement came recently after experts have said that they have found the Geoffroy’s bat in the wild in the UK.

Traditionally this bat resides in scrub areas in Europe and olive groves. It was discovered in the UK by an ecologist who was conducting surveys on behalf of the National Trust in West Sussex.

This discovery lends credence to the idea that various species are moving to the UK because the climate is getting warmer here, and is closer to their traditional environment which is in Europe. This is a very small species of bat that weighs a maximum of nine grams, and has a red tint very similar to a fox.

Daniel Whitby is the specialist and consultant ecologist who initially made the discovery. He commented about this, “I was very surprised to see this bat when I was doing the survey in the UK. This is something that you only usually see on the continent, and so to say it’s a surprise is probably an understatement.”

Mr Whitby continued, “There are currently 17 known that species of bat breeding in the UK, and they make up a third of the mammals that are native to the UK. Relatively little is known about bats in the UK, and it is interesting to record that a new species has migrated here from the continent.

This is the second new species that has been discovered in the UK in recent years, and it could indicate that our climate is warming making it a more hospitable environment for them.”