Residents set to protest over free boarding schools

A recent project to start free boarding schools funded by the state may be facing legal action soon as local residents want to fight the project. These people feel that the recent project from the Jestico and Whiles plan may well be a bad idea for the community, and that the South Downs National said they would go all the way so that they could prevent the establishment of this new system.

The project is headed by Durand Academy, a private school that also helms both schools in London which applied so that they could turn derelict establishments into the boarding schools. Obviously people local to the areas would like to see the buildings returning to public education, but not in this way.

If these schools get the go ahead, this would be a first for England, where free state sponsored boarding schools would host over 600 students. Several groups are against the proposal, and do not wish to see the council’s plan put into action. They have asked for a judicial review of the situation.

According to the legal papers, the main concern is that if government action is authorised, then the private academies would go against the planned procedures for public education. They also say that there is significant opposition to the project, and as such it should not go ahead. They feel that the schools do not fit with the local community.

They add that it goes against the local and national policy on how education should be run, and that the natural environment of schools should be maintained, along with a neutrality of practices. Otherwise, it would have a negative impact not only on the schools or local community, but on the national policy itself, leading to more districts taking matters into their own hands.