Rick Wakeman featured in Roger Dean Exhibition

If you’re looking to buy world furniture in Sussex, then you should head to Trading Boundaries, and they have also recently announced that they are going to be running an art exhibition, which is going to showcase some of the most iconic work from the artist who has received international acclaim, Roger Dean.

The event is going to be running from early to mid November, and it is going to be taking place at the main building of the store, and it will be officially launched on 3 November which is going to be a fantastic occasion with live music, and a great deal of the most impressive work on display

This is a rare opportunity to hear the celebrated artist talk about his career and his work with such iconic bands as YES and Asia and will be the ONLY occasion he has shared the stage with Rick Wakeman.

These two engaging raconteurs will relate fascinating anecdotes of their shared history and combined work projects. This is a unique opportunity for fans and collectors alike to witness this extraordinary combination of talent. A very limited number of tickets will be available to purchase.

Roger Dean will be unveiling new works during the exhibition, including a new album cover of which details are yet to be released.

To compliment the exhibition, world-class YES tribute band YESSONGS ITALY will be making their UK debut on November 10th, followed by prog rock legends Focus, who are scheduled to perform at this unique music venue on Friday 16th November 2011.

Please contact Katie Brown for more information on  01825 790200 or email katie@tradingboundaries.com.