RIP Sir Patrick Moore

This is sad that Sir Patrick Moore, a remarkable personality from West Sussex, has died just at the age of 89. He will be remembered forever, with good words and praises, amongst young children and adults, whom he encouraged to live a life of imagination and dreams by looking up at the stars in the sky. He taught the children to live at their best, in a dreamy and fantasy world, without caring about anything.

Patrick was a man from the sky, perhaps. He presented all wide spectrums of astronomy, stars, and shinning objects being one of the most popular astronomers of Britain. He also presented featured documentary “The Sky At Night” on BBC for a half-century. He was suffering from serious illness and got too weak that he couldn’t even walk by himself. As told by his friends, his feeble body would tremble whenever he moved.

Patrick would deliver a useful speech on space, stars, and astronomy at a rate of 300 words a minute, in an eccentric style and subtle tone, with a single monocle sit over his right eye just like an enthusiastic astronomer. His brilliant personality, way of communication, and knowledge about astronomy made him to become a successful astronomer and inspire others from the same field.

All his loved ones will mourn over his painful death. He was a loving uncle, a cheerful friend, and a friendly college- his eccentric personal was widely admired in his social whirl. Patrick is irreplaceable, and a person like him will never be born in the centuries. We all are at loss at one point or other, for losing a great astronomer who shared interesting facts and facets of the space and sky.