River Adur

The River Adur is located in Sussex, and is the namesake of the Adur district of West Sussex.  The name of the river is thought to have been derived from the word ‘dwyr’ which is Welsh/Celtic for water.

At one time the river was used by large vessels to transport items up to Steyning, which also had a large port, but once the river started to silt up the port was moved, and the river ceased to be used for large transportation.  Back in the medieval period the River Adur was also used for transportation to the ports of New Shoreham and Bramber.

The Adur starts from two different branches known as the eastern and western Adur, which meet up together to form one long stretch of river slightly west of the town of Henfield.

The eastern Adur River begins in East Sussex at the Ditchling Common until it crosses over to West Sussex and meets up with a stream that is found in Twineham. At the beginning of the river its flow is fed in Shermanbury by the Cowfold Stream.

The western Adur River begins at Sinfold and circles around Coolham where it continues on to flow through Shipley, until it meets Lancing Broo, and continues on through Knepp Castle and West Grinstead.  The western portion of the river is much stronger in flow, and even tidal in the North, towards the Bines Bridge, which is south from the town of West Grinstead.

When the two sections of the river meet up by Henfield they flow through the South Downs, past Lancing College, which is where the sacred Ladywell Stream feeds into it.  From there the river continues until it dumps out in the English Channel.