Rory Hamilton-Brown moving on after the tragic death of his best friend Tom Maynard

It is very easy to lose track of the simple things in life, and the most important things. The fans of professional sports can oftentimes get carried away with their fervour, but there are some accomplishments that are more important than what happens out on the field even if winning is a thrilling event.

Last June, leading British talent Rory Hamilton-Brown was dealt a large blow when his best friend and teammate Tom Maynard died. No one was surprised when he took some time off from the field to deal with his painful loss. After all, he and Maynard shared a home and knew each other since their Millfield School days.

However, by the end of the football season it was clear that he needed to do something to get a handle on his focus again, and this included leaving Surrey. He was given a permission to leave and left Surrey for Sussex where he signed a three year deal and is looking forward to move on with his career.

Hamilton-Brown stated that he wanted to return to a place where he was happy playing cricket and that he had no doubts he would enjoy the game again now that he was back in Hove. In fact, it was hard for him to decide to leave South London, but once he realized that he would have to in order to regain his happiness, he stated it was only logical that his exit would be back to Surrey.

He was best friends and teammates with Tom Maynard who died tragically at the age of 23.