Rumpus in my Rompers – Sussex parents release music album aimed at pre-schoolers

What do you do when your toddler refuses to poo?  Write a song about it of course.  Well that was the solution to the problem for Andrew and Angela Scullin who then went on to pen an album’s worth of tunes for pre-schoolers and released the album RUMPUS IN MY ROMPERS in May 2012.   The Sussex based parents had always worked in the field of performing arts as tutors and directors but they had never imagined they would end up being ‘Kindyrockers’.

Necessity and desperation forced them to create 12 songs to navigate parenting challenges.  Their aim was to create music that the whole family could enjoy together with strong musical messages.   They released their album for all to enjoy and they now have fans across the world.   Their music has been embraced by the ‘Kindyrock’ scene which is particularly big in the US but British parents are now catching on to the power of music in parenting.  As a result, Angela and Andrew have formed MY FIRST ROCK BAND, a group performing music aimed at children 6 years and under.  “We are certain our music will grow with our children, when the teenage problems kick in we will probably embarrass them by writing songs then too but for now it is a powerful tool.  Our 2 year old sings ‘Wipe, Flush, Wash your hands’ after his potty visits, so the songs are doing the work for us.   He has also been singing our alphabet song and has known his ABC’s for ages but that is just showing off.”

They have received encouraging reviews from parenting experts, music reviewers, parents and most importantly children.  Now, they are on a mission to bring live music to rock ‘n’ roll toddlers everywhere in the guise of MY FIRST ROCK BAND.  They are currently booking dates for a tour of libraries, community centres, playgroups and theatres.  They are even providing the entertainment at kid parties as more and more parents and children are becoming fans of MY FIRST ROCK BAND and their toddler taming tunes.  Angela and Andrew have used parenting as inspiration and have penned songs such as BRUSH A BRUSH for reluctant toothbrushers, POTTY DASH for reluctant potty users, DINNERTIME for reluctant eaters and I WANT for reluctant users of manners!

RUMPUS IN MY ROMPERS is an album for the whole family to share with jazz, blues, rock and even country influences so parents can tap their feet along too.  Their second release ‘The Number 2 Album’ is underway and soon parents will have a whole arsenal of tools to combat any parenting challenges thrown at them.  “As a new problem arises we get writing and we are lucky that our inspiration never seems to run out!”

Download the album on ITUNES and visit their website to find out more –