Runaway schoolteacher is extradited back to England

Jeremy Forest, the teacher of Megan Stammers, has agreed to be extradited back to the UK from Bordeaux, France. Forest was picked up in France this past Friday almost a week after the pair originally ran away and was listed as missing. He was put in front of the Bordeaux Court of Appeal to start the extradition proceedings and agreed to the order. It is expected that the court will approve the extradition actions by Thursday.

As the case moves along the European arrest warrant that Forest was picked up on will likely become important because there are a number of specific stipulations. These warrants often have safeguards written into them so that the person that is arrested can only be charged with crimes that are listed on the warrant. This makes it very important that ever charge is placed on an international warrant when it is issued.

Forest has the right to waive his rights and the safeguard, but he decided not to do so when he appeared before the court. Therefore, according to European law when he returns to the UK he can be charged with child abduction but nothing else since the warrant does not list anything else. If the Sussex police discover more charges against him they will likely have trouble charging him with additional crimes.

Forest and Stammers left for France on September 20th but did not return using their ferry tickets that were issued to the pair for use three days later. At this point a European arrest warrant was issued for the teacher who is said to have taken the teen and run away with her.

The pair was found quickly as the result for the large amount of media coverage that was issued and appeals from both families to help with the return of Megan and Forest.