Seaford in Bloom group set to be resurrected

There are signs that the community group that was associated with raising money for the Seaford flower exhibit is coming back to live. This follows a show of concern from people from different quarters expressing their interest to re-establish the Seaford in Bloom group.

On the 27th September, Seaford Town Council will hold a discussion on this subject in their community services meeting. A message has been send by officers to compel counsellors to concur with their proposal that the town clerk needs to begin a new committee for Seaford in the Bloom.

The council also is being urged to pay attention to the protection of hanging baskets, the boat, planters, tiered baskets and various flower exhibitions within the town. According to a report released following the collapse of Seaford in Bloom, numerous members of the society wanted to offer their support hence it would be a perfect idea to have a volunteering committee as part of the revival strategy.

Failure of Seaford in Bloom is partly attributed to resignation of Isabel Stephenson, the long serving chairman, due to illness. Until its collapse, it had been in operation for 24 years. News about revival plans for the group went public in August during a Seaford in Bloom Ceremony. It is commendable that the at the time of collapse, the committee had enough cash for sustaining the cost of floral displays for the group for three years.