Shoreham Airport

Shoreham Airport is sometimes also referred to as the Brighton City Airport, due to the fact it is found south of the A27, directly between Worthing and Brighton. It is one mile by air west of Shoreham, Lancing, in West Sussex and is part of the Adur district.

The airport was founded in 1910, making it the oldest airfield in all of the UK, although its ownership has switched several times, its current owners are Albermarle Shoreham Airport Limited.
Shoreham Airport is licensed for both public transportation and for flight instruction, which began in 1913, when the first flight school opened at the airport.

The airport was used for military purposes during both World Wars, and suffered some damage as a nautical air base, some of which can still be seen today, by looking at the WWII guardhouse that is still standing on the northern side of the airfield.

Up until 1981 the landing fields were entirely composed of grass, but during this year the landing area was upgraded to a tarmac runway.

In 2008 the airport was closed for a brief period of time when its owners faced liquidation and feared their flying insurance coverage had been cancelled. Soon after it was sold to its current owners, and reopened.
Today there are no commercial flights out of Shoreham Airport, but it is instead, used by those who own private aircraft, for flight instruction, and for those wishing to go on sightseeing or pleasure flights.