Six Sussex sex offenders ‘go missing’

The police have recently confirmed that in Sussex there are over 1000 sex offenders who are currently being monitored by the police.

However, a report from the police has shown that six of them appear to have gone missing.

These people were all asked to sign the sex offenders register so that other people in the community could be protected from them.

Once they sign the sex offenders register they are free to live in the community but they have to meet several conditions. It seems that six of these people have failed to stick to the terms and they are being sought by the police in Sussex. The police currently are concerned that many of them might have decided to leave the country.

A notable offender, Stephen Clare, was originally put on the sex offenders register after taking indecent pictures of children and assaulting a five-year-old. He was imprisoned for 18 months and after his release he was closely monitored by the police, as well as his probation officers. In 2002 he went missing and it is thought that he has moved abroad.

He is regarded as one of the most wanted sex offenders by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre and he has previously worked as a photographer. He has also trained in the past to be an English language teacher.