Soup-urb hits the streets of Brighton

The streets of Brighton have turned pink this week, thanks to the colourful shirts worn by staff at the Soup-urb cafe brand who have hit the seaside town offering free samples ahead of their latest branch opening.

Nutritious and delicious are the key words of Soup-urb, the cafe that prides itself on its fresh and healthy food.

The new branch in Brighton will be the venture’s second outlet, which was founded by Yolande Noble, the serial entrepreneur and Claire Wood, a real catering visionary.

Soup-urb, already a favourite eatery for a devoted clientele in Royal Tunbridge Wells, opens for business in Brighton’s North Lanes at 87-88 Trafalgar Street on 20th August 2012 (on the site of former popular venue Café Nia).

From Tuesday 14th of August, look out for Soup-urb staff who will be roaming Brighton with tasty samples of the café’s mouth-watering dishes for customers to try.  They are easily spotted in their bright pink t-shirts emblazoned with titles such as Souper Tramp and Souper Man.

Soup-urb has proved extremely popular with customers not only because it stimulates the taste buds, but also because it pays attention to its customers’ health through nutritional values, fresh local ingredients, additive avoidance and on-site preparation, all at great prices.

Delicious, nutritious Soup-urb is eagerly anticipating looking after its new customers in Brighton.Follow Soup-urb on facebook and twitter @soupurb