StartUp Sussex competition winners revealed

The innovative group StartUp Sussex has gained much popularity for encouraging and promoting a sense of entrepreneurship on campus and beyond in an effort to educate students on the broad and different aspects of business.

The programme has been organised in associated with the University of Sussex Careers, the Sussex Innovation Centre, and Employability Centre, and is being funded by different authorities include the HEFCE Higher education Innovation Fund and the HEFCE UnLtd.

A creative competition allowed students, graduates, and staff members to construct their ideas for either a social or commercial business in order to be judged. A lot of contestants participated in the programme and now the results of the winners of the competition have been revealed by the judges.

The winners are supported with a handsome reward of £2,000 with which they can open up their business and rent out an office space, furthermore, they will also receive consultancy services from the experts at the Sussex Innovation Centre depending on the location of their campus.

Moreover, one winner has received a reward of £500 from The competition is an amalgamation of varied events that helped to provoke creative thoughts, notions, and ideas lying within the minds of students and graduates. They are being supported directly and indirectly through the Startup Competition, resulting in a lot more talent being born and thus presented at the University of Sussex.

Mike Herb was one of the judging panels and he said that he was really amazed to see such intense talent, a high standard of entries, innovative thinking and business passion that came across in the pitches of contestants.

The winners of the autumn 2012 competition are Lyndsay Burtonshaw, Tianyi Ma, Robbie Georgiou, Amit Pate, Vu Phong, and Matthew Stroud. Each one of these contestants showed their great work in the pitches and greatly impressed the judges. They have both the strong analytical and intellectual skills to be called entrepreneurs of modern time.