Sussex artists head to NASA Astronaut Gallery

Two artists from Sussex have recently been invited to go to the United States to display their work at the NASA Astronaut Gallery. This is the first time that two photographers from the UK, Nicola Brunce and Steve Pyke, have been selected to have their work shown at the collection which is located in Houston, Texas. At this exhibition, there are also many other artefacts and items including the watches that were worn to the moon, as well as other signed artefacts.

Various items that are in the collection have been collected by Peter Fairley, who is a science editor for ITN, but has now passed away. Alistair Fairley his son, is now responsible for looking after the collection, and he has stated that the display is going to commemorate the anniversary of the final moon landing which was 40 years ago this December.

The collection is also going to see a large number of items contributed by NASA, including spacesuits, moon rock, as well as a larger exhibition which is entitled, A Look Back at Apollo.

About the exhibition Mr Fairley has commented, “The space race was something that inspired a generation of people, and this was not just true in the United States, but in every country around the world. It is wonderful news that people from the UK have been selected to work here at this exhibition, and we think it is a fantastic way for NASA to commemorate their finest hour.”

A new book is also going to be released by Mr Pike, which is going to focus on the moon landings, and include some fantastic pictures that have been taken from space, many of which will have been drawn from the collection of Mr Fairley. Overall this promises to be a fascinating book about a fascinating subject.