Sussex bail skipper Paul Ridden captured in Thailand

Paul Ridden has been on the run from authorities in Sussex and it emerged recently that he was hiding in Thailand. Thai police have recently announced that they believe they have arrested Mr Ridden, 58.

Detective Bartlett from Sussex Police said he was recently informed that there was going to be an attempted arrest of Mr Ridden in Thailand. It is said that Thai police tricked Mr Ridden into thinking that a friend was meeting him outside a police station. When he arrived for the meeting, he was trapped and swiftly arrested by the police.

The Phuket Gazette has reported, “Mr Ridden was arrested after being fooled into coming to a police station where he was subsequently detained by police. He arrived in his car and a volunteer of the local tourist police Mr Halpin, went up to the car and removed the keys from the ignition.”

Police in Thailand were also looking to arrest Mr Ridden after another expat complained that they had been cheated out of money by him. Mr Ridden has been wanted in the UK after skipping bail in April, police in the UK had issued a public announcement that they were looking for help in locating the criminal.