Sussex cheerleaders the best in Britain

The University of Sussex and the University of Brighton have been working together to develop a cheerleading squad. The squad currently has 70 members and works with a budget of just £5000 per year.

Despite these limited resources, the squad has been named the best in the UK for two years in a row. Unfortunately, in order to enter these cheerleading competitions the prices are rather high and this has meant that the cheerleaders, as well as having to practice for the events, have had to raise money to enter them.

The secretary of the cheerleading squad is Thomas Curson and he has commented, “Fortunately, we are given some money from both the universities involved with the squad but every year this amount diminishes.

The funding is vital to us if we want to continue to compete at the national level but, unfortunately, with more student societies being formed every year, the money has to be spread more thinly. Cheerleading is quite an expensive activity and so we have had to come up with our own innovative ideas to raise money for the competitions.”

The cheerleading squad is called the Waves and despite the challenging task they have managed to generate the highest amount of revenue from any university society since they were established seven years ago. They organise a great deal of events targeted toward students such as club nights. They also had a very successful fundraising event based around the Super Bowl competition that takes place in the United States. This event alone led the society to earn over £1500.

As well as entering competitions, the cheerleaders do a lot of local events to support the community. For example last year they performed at the Brighton Marathon in order to offer support to the runners. This year they are going to be doing the same and they are raising money, not for themselves, but for Breast Cancer UK.

The group have said that they are always looking for opportunities to raise money for charity, as well as their own endeavours. They’ve also recently been involved in raising money for drug awareness charities.