Sussex coastal flood protection finally in place

The biggest English project in order to protect the coastal zones from getting flooded was finally completed, after two years of hard work, and nearly ₤28 million. The project surrounded the old fortresses and walls from Medmerry, West Sussex, with approximately 7 kilometers of new walls, to prevent the old ones from falling.

To sum up, the project now takes care of 350 real estate properties, two amusement parks, as well as a water treatment area. In addition, it now offers the perfect environment for some rare birds and protected species on 180 hectares surrounding the coasts. The chief in charge of the Environmental Agency, Lord Smith claimed that such projects are mandatory in as many areas as possible, as the risk of flooding affects 1 in 6 people.

In addition, the new project also encourages local tourism, and has a great positive impact upon the environment. Thus, more tourists are expected to visit the local areas, while the quality of the environment is improved by taking care of the rare species, reconstructing the purity of waters, and diminishing the carbon footprint.

This project is a leading example of how the man can protect the ecosystem for dozens of endangered wildlife, while still contributing to the improvement of the local economy. The Environmental Agency’s initiative managed to become an important ally for all those who love nature and wish to protect the local habitat of millions of migrating birds on their way to the southern lands.

Thus, it is mandatory for this particular investment in Medmerry to become the milestone for future similar projects throughout the country, not only to protect people from flooding risks, but also to boost local economy.