Sussex crime rate falls by 7% according to Home Office report

Home Office revealed statistics yesterday that showed a fall in crime rate by 7% across Sussex for the previous year. Comparisons for the period from June 2012 to June 2013 and the same period the previous year showed that crime reported to Sussex officers were lesser in number by 6,160. In all, there were 87,978 incidents reported. The statistics also showed cases involving fraud was 50% lesser, robberies had decreased by 10%, while arson and criminal damage had reduced by 12%.

Burglaries in the Sussex region rose by 17% however with at least 9,607 commercial properties and houses were targeted. Increase in sexual offences was by 11%. One suggestion that made rounds in April was that people were crossing over from other counties to participate in different criminal activities.

Yesterday, Giles York, the deputy chief constable said that it was good to see the falling crime rate. Though Sussex had a low incidence of the risk of house burglaries, of late, the trend seemed to have turned, but they had taken action, he added. In June end, they had conducted operation Magpie. They were able to arrest and question, 70 suspects regarding thefts carried out in outhouses, businesses and homes.

The deputy chief constable added that according to figures until September end there had been a reduction in burglaries of houses by 6.2% and they were confident that the trend would continue. Kay Bourne, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex said that recorded crime rate continued to fall and this was great news for the local communities.

Compared to the whole country, Sussex was placed the 30th in burglary detection. It was a matter of concern to both her and other people in the county, she said. She was pleased with the progress made but she was not being complacent. She would go through the issue again during her meeting with Martin Richards, the Chief Constable. Burglary would find no place in Sussex, she concluded emphatically.