Sussex hosepipe ban expected to be lifted by Southern Water

It is widely expected that Southern Water are about to lift the hosepipe ban which has been taking place in Sussex. The reason for this lifting of the ban is because the county received an entire month’s worth of rainfall in a period of just a few hours. Restrictions were initially imposed a couple of months ago after there were two winters which were very dry.

The recent intense rain left parts of the county underwater and this largely made up for the significant water shortages that were occurring. The rainstorm was one of the most intense in the last few years and it occurred on Sunday night. The sewer system which is designed to drain the water, was overwhelmed and there was localised flooding in some parts of the county.

Over 40 flood warnings were issued by the Environment Agency although this number has subsequently been reduced to 24. It is expected that the rainfall is going to mean the lifting of the hosepipe ban by all three main water companies that operate in the area.

South East Water, who provide water in Hampshire, Kent, Sussex, Berkshire and Surrey, have stated however that they are not going to be lifting their hosepipe ban. While the other companies were releasing a statement about the lifting of the ban, South East Water issued a statement that the hosepipe ban is likely to remain at least until the autumn.

On the website the company stated, “The recent rainfall has certainly helped the situation but the lack of rain over the last two years cannot be made up for in such a short time. The reservoirs are in a better situation than they were before however, there is still not enough water available to lift the hosepipe ban. We still encourage our customers to be responsible about their water usage.”