Sussex motorists benefit from supermarket petrol war

Petrol is something that is not exactly cheap at the moment but it is thought that motorists in Sussex are soon going to be benefiting from lower prices as supermarkets fight for customers.

The first supermarket to announce a cut in the price of both diesel and petrol with Asda who are saying that they are going to be reducing the price to just under 128 p per litre of petrol, and around 133 p for a litre of diesel.

Sainsbury’s and Tesco quickly followed on from Asda’s announcement saying that they are also going to be reducing the price of their petrol. They have both announced that they are going to be cutting the price of both diesel and petrol by two pence a litre.

It is thought that if all of these price cuts do go ahead then motorists in Sussex are going to be enjoying some of the lowest prices in petrol that have been seen since February last year.

The price of crude oil has also significantly fallen in recent months which has meant that the average fuel price has also been falling. All data suggests that the price of fuel is also going to be falling within the next few months which is surely going to be welcomed by motorists.

Unfortunately, it is not all good news, and the government have said that they are going to be introducing an extra tax on petrol, which is going to cost three pence per litre. This is going to be brought in during August, unless a bill that the Labour Party have put forward successfully blocks it.