Sussex MP unhappy over malicious communication allegation

A MP from Sussex has met with the country chief constable to ask why an investigation was started concerning an email that was sent out to a constituent that had swear words in it. Conservative MP Tim Loughton explained that detectives’ questioning him was both upsetting and humiliating. Sussex Police defended themselves saying that an allegation was made that there was malicious communication started and therefore they had to launch an investigation into the matter.

After questioning the MP the force passed the file onto the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) for future investigation and advised that the case should be closed. According to the CPS, serious allegations were made and so the matter had to be reviewed according to protocol.

The email sent to the constituent that was in question included the phrase ‘whingeing self serving poisonous bollocks.’ MP Loughton stated that he does not use this language with his other constituents but that he and other councillors are the subject of abusive behaviour on a regular basis and that this case was isolated. He said that he chose to use the same language of the constituent in this one instance because he felt it was the only way to reach him.

After the meeting with the chief constable MP Loughton stated that the chief constable said that the issue was dealt with correctly and there was no reason for anything else to happen. Instead, he said that it should be more of a concern of how the Sussex Police department is ran and that he soon has plans to meet with the police commissioner in order to raise this issue with the Commons.

Sussex Police defended themselves by saying that the constable often met with MPS, but then it came out that MP Loughton wanted to specifically discuss his case only.