Sussex police back TyreSafe safety campaign

Sussex police have recently made the announcement that they are going to be helping to raise awareness about tyre safety issues that have recently been brought to light by the safety organisation, TyreSafe.

The campaign is going to highlight to people the importance of maintaining their tyres so that they remain safe on the roads.

There are going to be a number of campaigns targeted at bringing more information to road users so that they actively take measures to make sure their tyres are in good condition.

Sussex police made the announcement that they are going to be fully backing the campaign after a recent conference took place where a police constable from the force was a guest speaker and he made the official announcement.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, said: “It’s great to have the backing of Sussex Police whose commitment to making the roads safer is second-to-none. The force enjoyed considerable success when it partnered Chandlers BMW at several events during last year’s Tyre Safety Month, so it knows the benefits of getting involved and the positive outcome it can achieve.”

TyreSafe’s future campaigns for 2012 include those targeted at fleet operators and young drivers, as well as its annual Tyre Safety Month in October. Sussex Police Road Safety Officer PC Phil Barrow said: “Being at the sharp end I see the painful human cost following a road traffic accident, many of which have a tyre related contributory factor. What’s even more galling is that most could have been prevented by just a few regular simple tyre checks.

“Therefore, we fully endorse TyreSafe’s ongoing campaigns to make drivers aware of the issues surrounding defective or illegal tyres and will do everything that we can to help it in its future activities.” TyreSafe was formed in 2006 and since its inception its activities have helped reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured in a tyre related incident by 38 per cent. For more information visit