Sussex police crack down on dangerous vehicles

A recent crackdown has been made by police in Sussex on vehicles that have been determined to be carrying dangerous goods, or are in dangerous condition. The crackdown took place last week and involved the Road Policing Units in Sussex.

This operation was part of a national day of action which was taking place and overall over 20 vehicles were stopped in Sussex, and it was found that 13 of those stopped had committed some form of offence.

The range of problems in the cars was extensive and there was a wide range of different problems. Some of them had problems with their brakes and tyres, while others were overweight or not carrying a fire extinguisher. Only one vehicle of all of those stopped was found not to have a valid MOT test certificate.

The crackdown by the police was a serious initiative, and it involved not just people being fined, but in some cases them having their vehicles taken off the road. If the vehicle was deemed to not be safe enough, the police said so and demanded that repairs were made to the vehicle before they could continue driving.

The chief inspector in Sussex is Phil Nicholas and he has commented, “It is important that people understand the dangers of driving when their vehicles are not in a good condition. They pose not just a risk to themselves, but other road users and pedestrians.

This crackdown is to send a message to people that driving with your vehicle in unsafe condition is not acceptable.” The police have highlighted that free information about safe driving is available from Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.