Sussex police get new motoring powers

New powers have been given to the uniformed members of the Sussex police force. These powers will allow them to seize vehicles from people who do not have a valid driving licence or are driving without insurance. Before the change in the law only road police were allowed to make such seizures.

DI Roskilly is the chief inspector of Sussex road police and has said, “People who are driving without insurance or a license are a great risk to other people on the roads. These new powers will allow our police force to make the roads much safer for motorists and pedestrians.

“The power has been being tested by the road police for a long time and it has been very effective. We are now pleased that uniformed officers will now have powers to seize vehicles if certain crimes are being committed. Taking a car away from someone is something that will have a major effect on their lives so we are making sure that the power is only used in the right situations.”

Those who have their vehicles taken will have two weeks to go to a police station and show the relevant paper work and get their car back.