Sussex police to adopt a wider use of Tasers

The Taser weapon is going to be coming to Sussex as police in the area are currently undergoing training in the use of the device. It is expected that over the next few months several specialist officers are going to be equipped with a device which is going to allow them to respond to criminal incidents more effectively. While the initial rollout of the device is going to be small, it is expected that if it is successful, the device is going to be rolled out on a larger scale later this year.

The device has been already used by the police force for some time, however previously it has been heavily restricted and only firearms officers have been able to use the device. Now however, the Taser is going to be made available to some specialist officers.

Interestingly, the device has been shown elsewhere in the country and internationally, to reduce the amount of force that it is necessary for officers to use when dealing with a threatening or violent situation. It often means that the police don’t have to use the physical weapon of the baton or captor spray. The electronic weapon also means that conventional armed officers have to respond to situations less, as the Taser is often enough of a deterrent.

Paul Morrison, the chief superintendent of Sussex police has commented, “We’ve previously restricted the use of this weapon heavily, but we think that our experience has been positive with it so we want to expand its use to other officers who don’t have to have the specialist firearms training. That said we are going to be putting them through a training programme in how to use the device effectively and responsibly. Despite the increased number of Tasers, you will not be seeing most police officers carrying the device.”